Problems and Help

• Privacy
• Browser compatibility
• Bugs
• Any non-obvious features?


• The WSPR Daemon database
• Uniques
• Advanced search panel
• Auto-search
• Email a link to a search
• Store your current spots table for later use
• Save your current search settings

Spot Analysis

• SpotQ
• Statistics
• Duplicate spots
• Viewing the spread of spots in the WSPR audio passband

Charts and Visualisation

• The Map
• Charts
• The Night map overlay
• Map slider 'watts'
• Map slider 'hours'
• The Great Circle Ruler
• Display a long path
• Highlight 40m long paths
• Display 4 or 6 char locator squares
• Display a balloon track
• Google Earth: export normal WSPR spots as a KML file
• Google Earth: export balloon spots as a KML file

Tools and Utilities

• Save search results to disk
• Import and display downloaded WSPRnet CSV spot files
• Ping the website

Coded on a Mac using the nova editor.
Server coded in node.js and express.
Web hosting by Nearly Free Speech.
The database built and hosted by WSPR Daemon.

Suggestions and bug reports welcome.   vk7jj at me dot com

73, Phil VK7JJ